Is Cannabis Consumption Legal in Houston?

The economic benefits of legalizing cannabis According to a statement by the Congressional Budget Office, legalizing cannabis could save the U.S. government $7 billion annually. The savings would come from decreased spending on enforcement and increased tax revenue. You can legalize cannabis; states would be able to generate revenue from it through taxation. In addition, […]

HHC vs THC-O: What are the Differences?

hhc vs thc-o

When comparing hhc vs thc-o, they share a lot of similarities. They have almost the same chemical structure and similarly affect the body when consumed. HHC and THC-O are both cannabinoids, but THC-O is more potent. Unlike other cannabinoids extracted from hemp like CBD, CBG, or CBN, THC-O cannot be found naturally in the hemp […]

CBD Facts and Myths that You Should be Aware Of

cbd myths and facts

You could feel the buzz about CBD everywhere. Hemp-derived CBD oil has been used for centuries to treat many health ailments. From recreational use to traditional medicine uses, the way consumers have been receiving this supplement continues to grow both in popularity and business opportunities for these folks looking to get into the market right […]