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What are the Benefits of Smoking Cannabis Flower?


Hemp is famous for its medicinal benefits. Many people around the world consume hemp in some way every day. You can usually find Delta 8 products, which come from hemp, at local dispensaries. These products are available legally in most states throughout the United States. Some people prefer to consume hemp in supplements or edible […]

Does Cannabis help lessen COVID 19 Infection?

Have you ever wondered the benefits of having cannabis to help lessen COVID 19 infections? If yes, then you should read this article. A Study published in the Journal of Nature Products suggests that compounds found in cannabis are able to prevent potentially serious viruses from infecting healthy human cells. Richard van Breemen conducted and […]

CBD Interaction: Does CBD affects Medication?


An increasing number of folks are using CBD to treat aches, pains, and other maladies… But what if you’re already taking other medications? Will CBD interaction affects them? Here’s everything you need to know about how CBD is metabolized (or broken down) by your body, which drugs to be mindful of when taking CBD, which […]