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A California Native with over 10 years of experience in the cannabis industry. 


A Lafayette, Lousiana native with over 5 years of experience in the cannabis industry.


A Broward County, Florida Native with over 6 years experience in the cannabis industry.

We’re the Best Cannabis Dispensary in Houston

We have brokered many deals through our farm over the years, and this pandemic has only brought us together and widened our horizons to establish the need for cannabis in health and wellness.


We believe that Houston is one of the best communities to start with, because of its open playing field and diverse perspectives. Education is key, and many cannabis users are not benefiting themselves fully by limiting their knowledge of the products they use. This brings us to our mission – to provide quality-tested products and globally inform people of their proper use and benefits. That’s why we strive to be the best cannabis dispensary in Houston

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“We’re a TEAM driven by desire to help our customers live their lives to its highest potential – all naturaly. “

High goals

We are dedicated to helping everyone attain better health, mentally and physically through the use of Hemp.

We manufacture high-quality Hemp products to enhance the health and wellness of anyone who uses them. As a personable company, we know that distributing clean, potent, and effective products brings us closer to our goal of attaching positive connotations to Hemp, and its many good properties. 

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We’re not just another conglomerate, we’re very “for the people, by the people.” From the cultivation of our raw materials to the sale of our products. We provide OUT-OF-THE-BOX  solutions and are pro-people, PRO-HEALTH CARE.